The new website of the “Museu da Cidade” is a port of call in Porto –

The launch of the new website of “Museu da Cidade” (“City Museum”, free translation), was accompanied by a mupi campaign in the city’s streets and squares. The ongoing pandemic led to the standstill in cultural in-person interactions; thus, the City Museum (Museu da Cidade) launched its new website last 3rd February, as the result of a project that has been presented to the city, roughly a year ago.
The mupi campaign scattered through the city is a port of call to getting to know how the museum is organised: it encompasses seventeen stations, from the Pasteleira Reservoir to the Quinta de Bonjóia (future “Extensão da Natureza”), that work as an extension of the museum per se, taking on a rhizome-like model that avoids the causality concept to its definition, and acts more like each station being an original in itself.

Connections to these stations are restored by means of broadcast via the Rádio Estação, available on the City Museum new website, online at The first broadcast featured the first reading of “Diário da Peste”, by Gonçalo M. Tavares. These readings will happen on a daily basis.
The website is also available through the “sítio invisível", a sort of open window that Rádio Estação provides to audiences, following the success of the first experience during Porto Book Fair 2020.
Visitors will also be able to explore each of the stations, the collection they integrate, the bureaus that could be opened last year, in videos that invite to guided tours in the project “Visitações”. Visitors are also invited to contribute with ideas and comments on how to further this ongoing-museum, via the “Gabinete Atmosférico”, the main interface during the pandemic.

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